Russian Caviar


50g-100g $115.00 – $200.00 The classic pearl with a perfect combination of taste and texture…..

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The classic pearl with a perfect combination of taste and texture. With its addictive flavour cherished by all black caviar lovers, our Blue Selection reminds us what good caviar is all about. Featuring a truly sublime taste, this caviar has been produced according to a classic recipe passed down from generation to generation. The Russian Blue label reflects the traditional qualities of Soviet era caviar, and today, it brings back nostalgic memories of the past.

Species of sturgeon:
Siberian sturgeon caviar (Acipenser baerii)
Appearance :
Caviar packed from a single fish, not mixed. Eggs are unbroken and of the same color
Eggs are tender with an adequate amount of fluid and separable
From black to grey
Average size is 2,8 mm with a variance from 2.5 to 3 mm depending on the method of measurement
High to premium
Pleasant, in the best tradiLonal manner
Traditional, by killing the fish
Salt content:
Shelf life:
Up to 8 months

Russian Caviar

50g, 100g

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Russian Caviar
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