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150g of Organic Ginger – Origin varies according to freshness and least carbon footprint

150g of Ginger Organic – Origin varies according to freshness and least carbon footprint

Ginger—a root vegetable that is widely used in different cuisines as a spice and for its health benefits.

Enjoy adding  aromatic, pungent and spicy flavors to your dishes–especially to stir-fries.

Aside from adding flavor to your dishes, enjoy its nutritional values*

Calcium 1g

Carbohydrate 18g

Dietary Fiber 2g

Iron 3g

Magnesium 10g

Potassium 415mg

Sodium 13mh

Vitamin B-6 10g

Vitamin C 18g

Storage Suggestion:

Fresh ginger can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks if it is left unpeeled. Stored unpeeled in the freezer, it will keep for up to six months.

Ginger is among the healthiest (and most delicious) spices on the planet.

It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.

Here are health benefits of ginger that are supported by scientific research.

Ginger is a flowering plant that originated from China.

It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, and is closely related to turmeric, cardamom and galangal.

The rhizome (underground part of the stem) is the part commonly used as a spice. It is often called ginger root, or simply ginger.

Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional/alternative medicine. It has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and common cold, to name a few.

Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice, and is sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics. It is a very common ingredient in recipes.

The unique fragrance and flavor of ginger come from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol.

Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger, responsible for much of its medicinal properties. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

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