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Are you drinking too much coffee? Trying to keep off the excess weight and feeling wired?

Singapore, home-based nutritionist Sonia Osborn offers this advice,

“Your favourite elixir may not be your ally?
Yes, even if it is only one cup per day, coffee can be a big contributor to this sympathetic nervous system dominance.

Coffee immediately puts the body on high alert (.. hello anxiety!) and the body will continue to call on it’s readily available stored sugar (versus fat) stores.

I strongly encourage you to reduce your coffee intake. Do it gradually by “swapping” those excess cups for something nourishing like a herbal tea … or better still an organic chai Velvet Latte!

Velvet Latte is an amazing dehydrated powder… Simply add warmed milk of choice! It’s organic, free of caffeine, gluten and dairy, and made with beetroot and chai spices for a natural subtle sweetness that tastes delicious. “


Sonia Osbone Nutrionist


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