A Guide to Buying Fish For the Whole Fam

What are the things that you consider when buying fish for your fam?

If you find yourself unsure about how to get the freshest and most sustainable choices, if the fish is healthy for each member of the fam, and whether the taste suits everyone, then this guide is perfect for you!

The benefits of eating fish:
It is an excellent source of protein and many other nutrients. Fish contains the omega-3 fats DHA and EPA. DHA helps the brain, eyes, and nerves of the fetus and child to develop.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or women who could become pregnant, should eat fish to get DHA. EPA is an omega-3 fat that helps prevent heart disease.

Risks of eating fish:
Fish may contain mercury. It is important to note that large fish that live a long time and eat other fish contain the most mercury, which builds up in the tissue of the fish. When we eat such fish, the mercury builds up in our bodies.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or could become pregnant, you should avoid or rarely eat high mercury fish. The fetus and infants exposed to high levels of mercury may have problems with learning, walking, and talking.

A guide to taste:
The higher the fat content of a fish, the bigger its flavor profile will be.

Mild and flaky options:
hake, pollock, haddock, flounder, barramundi

Mild and meaty:
striped bass, grouper, snapper, tilefish

Bold flavored:
salmon, mackerel, bluefish, sardines

Meaty and steaky:
tuna, swordfish, opah

Choosing the best ones:

• When buying whole fish: Look for clear eyes, red gills, and shimmering skin.
• When buying fillets: Look for translucent flesh with no odor.

Alternatively, blast-frozen fillets are a high-quality, economical option, especially for fish with limited seasons.

Environmental Impact of Eating Fish:
Toronto Public Health supports sustainable food production. Poor fisheries management can result in habitat damage, threats to other aquatic life, and overfishing.

Here at Straits Market, we believe in the importance of sustainability, the same way how our fish and seafood offerings are caught.

We are always transparent about where the fish is caught, and the method of its capture.

Sustainable fishing = guarantees there will be populations of ocean and freshwater wildlife in the future.

Get the freshest catch here

All our BluCurrent Fish are Friends of the Sea certified which entails following a strict set of international guidelines. Most importantly, our farm is prohibited to use growth hormones and must respect water’s ecosystem and the critical habitats.

As we are constantly innovating our fish farm, we strive to provide you with more selections so you can enjoy farm-to-table goodness, without having to worry about the integrity of each catch.

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