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Spot Prawns Wild from Alaska

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How to prepare the Spot Prawns for cooking as recommended by Kevin Gantner, co-owner of the Alaskan Guys:

  1. Thaw the prawns –It is easier to shell the prawns when they are not completely thawed.  As their meat is delicate, they may shred a bit if they are stuck to the inside of the shell.  By defrosting the prawns in the fridge for a few hours, it leaves the inside cold to easily shell.
  1. Rinse –Rinse slightly when it is still slightly frozen.  A rinse in cold water will fully defrost the meat under the shell and get rid of any juice from the thawing of the prawns.
  1. Peeling the shell  –Start with the legs, they can easily be pulled off with your index finger and thumb.  Then, with your thumb, start to push one side of the shell off the meat.  This would break the underside of the shell and allow you to get your thumb between the meat and shell.  Gently work your way around the outside of the meat, separating as you roll its tail around.  Then, pinch the base of the tail to push the remaining meat out to remove the shell around the tail.
  1. Don’t throw out the shells!! –Give the shells a rinse and use them to infuse flavors to your soup or sauces!!  Use the shells to make a stock!

Once you are done de-shelling, grab some butter, fry some garlic, throw the spot prawns in and stir fry for two to three minutes and you get a delicious dish that brings out the flavor of the spot prawns.  (Spot Prawns cook very fast so keep an eye on them and once they are reddish-brown, they are ready to be devoured!)
You can also gently pan-fry the spot prawns on low heat, thrown on some salt and pepper and savor its taste.

Another quick and tasty recipe from our Straits Market kitchen:

Sauté one clove diced garlic with a slice of butter and a tea spoon of Agora balsamic cream for one minute. Add in the de-thawed shrimp (20 pieces ) for another two to three minutes with your desired amount of salt/pepper and Voila. These quickly sautéed shrimp will compliment any green leafy salad beautifully. Bon apetit!
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With all the news about the toxicity and unsustainability of farmed prawns, Straits Market focuses exclusively on crustaceans wild from the North Pacific – pure and natural from Alaska.
The spot prawn is known for its sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture, also known in Japan as Amaebi (sushi). A Nigiri dish of two pieces can cost up to $35 at fine Japanese restaurants offering our site’s fresh grade quality.
Amazingly, the prawns can cook in two to three minutes to compliment your salad or toss into your pasta.
Our spot prawns, like most seafood are relatively low in calories and high in protein. A three-ounce serving offers about 20% of the Daily Value (DV) of phosphorus and more than 15% of the DV of vitamin B12.(*) Other minerals that are offered in one serving are niacin, iron and more than 50% of the recommended daily intake for selenium, a mineral that reduces inflammation (*).   For those who are at risk of iodine deficiency, particularly children and woman, shellfish is one of the best sources. Iodine is crucial for proper brain and thyroid function.(*)
We are offering these delicious prawns, blast frozen, at the source, meaning, already on the boat,  from Alaska; sealing in the flavor and texture of the prawns – allowing you to keep your seafood fresh for many months.
$62  1 kg/box – approximately 65- 75 pieces of spot prawns 
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