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Quality fresh green baby spinach is grown locally in Singapore…

100g/pack Green Baby Spinach

Baby spinach is just young spinach (Spinacia oleracea) that farmers harvest during the early stages of plant growth, generally between 15 and 35 days after planting. The smaller leaves are more tender and have a sweeter flavor than mature spinach. In addition to its vitamin and mineral content, baby spinach also offers plenty of antioxidants. It contains nutrients like lutein, zeaxanthin, nitrates, and quercetin, which are all good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Baby spinach is one of the best sources of plant-based iron available, and the majority of its calories come from protein. It’s a nutrient-dense green that’s low on calories, which makes it a favorite among many vegans and vegetarians.

About Artisan Green

Artisan Green is an indoor hydroponics farm located at Kallang, in the heart of urban Singapore. We specialize in baby spinach production using Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques. Using modern technology, we are able to grow regardless of the weather with optimal space and resource efficiency. By creating the perfect environment for our crops to grow in, we are able to provide fresher and better-tasting produce right from our farm to your plate. Our pesticide-free cultivation methods ensure that you will be having the cleanest spinach on the market with every single bite! Licensed by the Singapore Food Authority in November 2017, Artisan Green has been producing premium greens and re-introducing fresh to the local community.

Quality fresh green baby spinach is grown locally in Singapore. With the use of the latest hydroponics technology, indoor environments allow farmers to grow 100% pesticide-free and safe for raw consumption. Mix with walnut, cranberry, crumbled cheese & dijon mustard dressing to make a delicious salad!

Weight: 100g/pack

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