chicken whole

Chicken whole, leg, wings, thigh and more – Free of Hormones and Antibiotics


Chicken Whole

Chicken whole, leg, wings, thigh and more – bred with the Sakura farming method is our proud addition to our premium hormone and antibiotic free selection of poultry.
$19 Whole chicken 1.3 – 1.6 kg/ pack
$8.50 Whole chicken leg 2-3 pieces / pack 500- 580 g
$10.50 Breast 2-3 pieces / pack 500-580 g

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Chickens reared by the Sekura farming practices allow for succulence and tenderness with less cholesterol and total fat per 100 g of meat.
Kindly enter the product page for further details on the Sakura method.
I’m excited to be able to offer two different farms with different methods but with the same message and ethical outcome. The chickens are well cared for in open, clean environments free from growth hormones and antibiotics.
The main difference is that our traditional chicken is firmer and leaner. Feel free to try both of our whole chickens and let me know which you prefer. I enjoy hearing from you and any feedback will be reciprocated with a little thank you gift.

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