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Beat the Haze and Heat


Is the Haze giving you a headache? Has it been too hot to bear?

Sooth your mind and quench your thirst quickly with our selection of herbs, naturally hydrated and organically certified from Greece. Anassaherbs or “Queen” in ancient Greek are so fresh and void of impurities that the herbs do NOT need to be soaked in hot water to invoke the richness in flavor and medicinal properties. Rather, add some of the flakes in your glass and add the ice. Voila! Quick relief !
$ 22 Organic Mint – Enjoyed for its refreshing taste, as well as its medicinal properties of alleviating cold symptoms or headaches.
$26 Organic Pure Defence – Includes the goodness of five herbs.
$26 Organic Pure Happiness – Delicious blend of herbs characterized by their rich aroma and delicious taste.
Add a spoonful of our Organic Himalayan Honey or Royal Jelly to sweeten your tea naturally.

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