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Gluten-free Bread Fresh and More baked at 5 am on Delivery Day

Gluten-free Bread

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten free bread freshly baked at 5 am on the day of delivery by a French local baker supplying to Michelin star restaurants and five star hotels.
This is the real deal and you will taste the difference.
The baker’s artisanal touch can be tasted by his signature grilled vegetable focaccia bread. His sourdough peasant bread is hearty with a crust, but still tender and soft inside.
Almost unbelievable until you try !
Not only is the bread coming fresh from the oven to your home, but are void of any preservatives, food coloring or any other exotic ingredients. The baker only uses his own homemade natural yeast and flour exclusively from the most renowned mills in France.
Buckwheat Gluten-free bread and Buckwheat Gluten-free bread w/raisin $8.30 half loaf * $16.45 Full loaf 1 kg
Sourdough dark and Sourdough light $10.50 Full loaf 1kg * $5.25 half loaf
Focaccia bread with Grilled Vegetables $2.50 Plate size
$14.00 half oven pan 22 x 30 cm
Five star bakery-to-breakfast at your service!

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