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This Christmas, we are pleased to offer you and your loved ones a unique gift idea, exclusively developed and made in Singapore. A revolutionary aeroponic gardening system for your home and a Gift that Keeps on Giving – The Aerospring Garden. If you have ever wanted to have your own edible garden, growing fresh herbs, leafy greens and vegetables, look no further.

Straits Market Special offer and Free Delivery:
$580 down from $680 for the Standard which grows 27 plants and measures 165cm tall
$680 down from $780 for the Pro which grows 36 plants and measures 195cm tall
Enter the code AEROSTRAITSMKT whilst signing into or replying in the comments section below and we can guide you through the ordering process personally.

The Aerospring Gardening system comes with its own starter kit – details
Assortment of complimentary seedlings – choose from a wide selection of herbs, leafy greens and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, eggplant
1l Liquid Nutrients – lasts 3 months
Rockwool Cubes, extra cups & small selection of seeds – so you can germinate your own plants
The complete system consisting of bucket, hexmodule parts, water pump, fittings and hose
Cofounder, Nadine, will provide personal guidance and workshops to help ensure that your system produces the freshest herbs and vegetables at home, providing you with your own ‘farm to table’ experience.  Seize this opportunity before this company goes global.

Personal message from Nadine –
3 years ago, I never met a plant I couldn’t kill. Even cacti suffered a fate worse than death in my care. I’ve come a long way since then, and the Aerospring Garden has been my tool to become the bonafide urban balcony farmer that I am today. My dream is for everyone to start growing a little of their own and I am a fitting example of someone who has turned her black thumbs to green ones! My partner Thorben and I hold weekly workshops at our showroom in Sunset Way where we teach aspiring gardeners with or without our vertical gardening system what hydroponic gardening is all about. The system assembles easily and without any tools in about 20 minutes. We encourage our customers to select their own seedlings at our showroom and whilst there, we take them through the basic maintenance and upkeep of their garden. We also have a closed FB group for people who own an Aerospring Garden, a community that is helping each other through the joys, tribulations and successes of their vertical garden.

Aerospring Gardens, a Singaporean based gardening startup, have launched an innovative aeroponic gardening product, designed to transform condominium & HDB balconies into urban vertical home farms. The Aerospring Garden is a vertical aeroponic gardening system designed for urban home gardeners who want to grow their own herbs, salads, leafy greens and vegetables in limited space. This garden employs water rather than soil to cultivate a diverse range of vegetables and greens, thus growing upwards instead of outwards.
The patent-pending system is made up of a 75 litre hexagonal bucket and 9-12 vertical hexagonal hollow modules that are stacked, connected and secured with threaded pipes. A water pump is placed in the bucket, filled with water and dosed with liquid nutrients. The pipes act as a water conduit to lead the nutrient-rich water to the top of the system, which is then showered back into the columns containing the suspended roots of the plants. The garden utilizes only 10% of water compared to conventional soil gardens as the water is recirculated and recycled. A simple maintenance schedule and automatic watering of the garden allows even the busiest of aspiring gardeners the opportunity to become urban farmers in their own homes.


  • GROW YOUR OWN LEAFY GREENS, HERBS & VEGETABLES Become an Urban Gardener. Get the kids involved!
  • BETTER TASTING, MORE NUTRITIOUS & PESTICIDE-FREE PRODUCE Eat healthy, local, be sustainable and save money.
  • QUICK TO ASSEMBLE. EASY TO MAINTAIN Simplified Gardening. No experience required.
  • DANISH DESIGN, PROUDLY MADE IN SINGAPORE Tested for growing in a tropical climate.
    Requires minimal space (1.65m/1.95m x 0.65m), sunshine & power.
  • AUTOMATIC WATERING IN A RE-CIRCULATING, CLOSED SYSTEM Uses 90% less water than conventional gardening.
  • AUTOMATIC WATERING IN A RE-CIRCULATING, CLOSED SYSTEM Uses 90% less water than conventional gardening.


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