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Organic Cauliflower – Origin varies…

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Organic Cauliflower – Origin varies according to season, freshness and least carbon footprint.

*actual size depends on individual produce and is an estimate

Cauliflower is an extremely healthy vegetable that’s a significant source of nutrients.

It also contains unique plant compounds that may reduce the risk of several diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Additionally, it’s weight loss friendly and incredibly easy to add to your diet.

Here are a science-based health benefits of cauliflower.

High in Fiber

Cauliflower is quite high in fiber, which is beneficial for overall health.

There are 3 grams of fiber in one cup of cauliflower, which is 10% of your daily needs (1).

Fiber is important because it feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut that help reduce inflammation and promote digestive health.

Consuming enough fiber may help prevent digestive conditions like constipation, diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Moreover, studies show that a diet high in fiber-rich vegetables like cauliflower is linked with a lower risk of several illnesses, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Fiber may also play a role in obesity prevention, due to its ability to promote fullness and reduce overall calorie intake.

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