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Biodynamic Butter and Farming

In common with other forms of organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture uses management practices that are intended to “restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. Central features include crop diversification, the avoidance of chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs generally, decentralized production and distribution, and the consideration of celestial and terrestrial influences on biological organisms.*
If a farm is certified biodynamic, it means it has met the requirements of organic, with some additional measures – including the divisive preparations. For example, while organic permits imported organic fertilizers and pesticides, biodynamic requires that a farm system itself produce its own fertility – meaning compost and nutrients – as much as possible through the integration of livestock and the rotation of crops. There are limits to the amount that can be imported from the outside – for example, no more than 36lbs of nitrogen per acre, per year.

Also, while organic certification allows for organic feed imported to the farm from anywhere in the world, biodynamic certification requires 50% of livestock feed be grown on the farm. Biodynamic also requires that a farm set aside 10% of the total farm acreage for biodiversity, and strive for a balanced predator/prey relationship.

Biodynamic agriculture treats the farm like a living organism, self-contained and self-sustainable,” Candelario says.
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Taste it to believe it. The butter is truly creamy and delicious, handcrafted at Paris Creek in the beautiful rolling Hills of Adelaide South Australia. The biodynamic farm avoids the use of homogenization, GM and hormones nor do they use UHT treatment.

Since 1997, the farm has won well over 50 industry accolades from respected bodies like the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, the Dairy Industry Association Awards, the Organic Expo Awards, the Premier Food Awards and more.

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