Wittmann, Weissburgunder 100 Hills, dry ( Biodynamic ) 2020


Weignut ‘100 Hugel’ Weißer Burgunder Dry has playful aromas…

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Wittmann Weissburgunder 100 Hills Philipp Wittmann developed good wine making with meticulous efforts that makes his 100Hills Riesling already a modern classic: elegant with invigorating freshness of grapefruit and peach remembering.

Grown in the fertile hills (in German Hügel) of Rheinhessen, this Weißer Burgunder boasts freshness and elegance.

It has playful aromas of ripe fruit, herbs and mandarin. The palate delivers a beautiful creamy texture accented with subtle hints of roasted nut; a delicious pairing with a range of Mediterranean fare or simply a comfortable deck chair and a relaxing view.

Biodynamic wine adheres to all organic criteria, plus some (or all) of the doctrines established in the late 1920s by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and academic known for exploring the synthesis of science and spirituality. To put it simply, biodynamics is the practice of viewing the vineyard as an ecological entity regarded from the soil up.

Organic–and Then Some

At the base level, this means increasing soil fertility by barring the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides–sometimes even cow horns (sounds weird, but it’s a practice used by some farmers to “give back to the soil”.) Biodynamics, then, is organic wine taken a step further: just as the care for your health shouldn’t prioritize lungs over kidneys, so must a vineyard operate as a series of balanced interactions. While many vineyards are monocultures (the cultivation of a single crop alone), a biodynamic farm must be diversified and self-sustainable, resisting monoculture through interactions between a larger ecosystem of plants and animals. Planting, harvesting and pruning practices are determined by a specific calendar, taking into account both lunar cycles and the position of the sun and planets.

Biodynamic Label Is Regulated

Like organic wine, “biodynamic” is a registered certification with a definite roster of requirements. Wines labeled “biodynamic” will have approved recognition from the Demeter Association, a branch of Demeter International-the nonprofit organized in 1928 following Steiner’s first lectures on biodynamics in agriculture.

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Wittmann, Weissburgunder 100 Hills, dry ( Biodynamic ) 2019Wittmann, Weissburgunder 100 Hills, dry ( Biodynamic ) 2020
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