Citronella Organic Oil – 10ml


Citronella has a variety of active properties that offer useful applications…

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Citronella Organic Oil 10ml – has a variety of active properties that offer useful applications on your body, in your garden, on your pets and in your home because of its effective natural repellent quality.  Known to be a cleansing and tonic for a range of therapeutic uses due to its refreshing, lemon-sweet fragrance and stimulating qualities.


  • Insect Repellent—Diffuse a few drops in diffuser or apply in carrier oil to the skin to repel insects.
  • Plant Pests—Add to a little amount of warm water for a non-toxic solution. Shake vigorously and spray on your lettuce to repel pests. Repeat 3 days in a row.
  • Cat Repellent— Add 20 drops of citronella in 200ml of warm water. Spray on surfaces where cats scratch or urinate for them to avoid such areas. It is safe for use on furniture.
  • Flea Repellent—Add 20 drops of citronella and add 20 drops of Eucalyptus to warm water and spray on carpet and furniture. Repeat as necessary.

Traditional & Historical Information

Originally grown in Sri Lanka, historical practices include using citronella organic oil as treatment for fever, intestinal parasites and digestive and menstrual problems. It has also been used to ease rheumatic pain in Chinese medicine. Its aroma is said to have an uplifting and stimulating effect on the mind with useful application for headaches, and also employed in soaps and deodorants. Citronella essential oil has long been used for its safe, natural insect repellent properties.

Safety Precautions

The scent of Citronella may be irritating to some asthmatics. If ingested, drink milk. When in contact with eyes, flush with water Keep out of reach of children.

**Therapeutic oils are used to support natural body processes. Our information is NOT intended as recommendation for cure for any medical condition.

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citronella organic oilCitronella Organic Oil – 10ml
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