Dry Aged Aussie Beef Burger


2 Pcs – 320g, Rich and juicy Australian beef burger patty

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Aussie Burger 320g/pack – 2 pieces

Taste the difference of this handcrafted Aussie Burger made from all natural and full-flavored products. Made fresh in Singapore using only the freshest ingredients, this Burger is gluten free, with no preservatives, additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or extenders.

Ethically sourced from Australia, the freshest meat is selected to create premium-quality beef burger patties. Carefully handcrafted with seasoning, expect the Burger Patties to be rich, juicy and flavorful.

Time to get creative with these burger patties, home-cooked your way!

Snap frozen to lock in its freshness.

Recipe: Drunken Aussie Beef Burger


  • Combine meat together with the garlic, sauce and lager. Mix well with your hands for about a minute, until the meat has combined with the other ingredients. Divide meat mixture into 4 parts and firmly mould them into round patties about 1-inch thick.
  • Heat a grill pan/skillet on medium-high heat. Sear hamburgers on both sides until golden and cooked to your liking.
  • While the burgers are frying, fry the onion and bacon in a separate pan, until the onion is transparent and fragrant and the bacon is crispy on both sides.
  • Transfer bacon and onion onto a paper towel; wipe pan over; add a drizzle of oil and fry the eggs until cooked to your liking.
  • When the burger patties are done, transfer them onto a warmed plate; wipe pan over with a paper towel; and fry the pineapple rings (about 1 minute each side until caramelised).
  • Build your burgers! Layer the base of each bun with the lettuce/arugula, beetroot slices, burger patties, cheese, pineapple rings, bacon, onion rings, tomato slices and the fried egg. Drizzle with tomato sauce and (optional) mayonnaise; top with remaining bun piece and serve!

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Aussie BurgerDry Aged Aussie Beef Burger
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