How can our fish be cleaner and fresher you ask?

First Aquaculture 4.0 closed containment system for tropical fish in Singapore.

Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT), a pioneer in utilizing closed containment systems for tropical fish, launches its commercial Smart Floating Fish Farm at a ceremony officiated by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Mr Masagos Zulkifli.

Here are the main reasons for our farm’s superior fish :

Clean ocean water
No hormones and prophylactic use of antibiotics
Large swimming spaces
Oxygen rich water at all times
GMO free feed
Gentle ice bath during harvest for humane treatment and better tasting fish
Daily harvest and delivery to your home

For many living in Singapore we struggle to find great fish, no less fresh fish with traceable and transparent provenance.

We pride ourselves in being the first in Singapore and Asia operating a smart floating fish farm of the future allowing for sustainable and transparent farming practices, while working with the power of nature to produce superior quality and better tasting fish.

An important achievement of ours is creating clean ocean water as a foundation for an optimal environment for growing fish without hormones and prophylactic use of antibiotics. With access to unlimited amounts of fresh ocean water that is meticulously monitored with proprietary technology fish can live stress free and grow naturally.

Another important component that adds to the well being of the fish is the power of free flowing oxygen. Fish thrive in oxygen rich waters. We are making sure that always just the right amount of oxygen is available, more during feeding and digesting, less when not needed.

The habitat in the tanks: currents, swirls and an even distribution of oxygen lower stress for the fish, creating happier better tasting fish.

Just as important is the humane harvesting practice conducted by the farm to prepare the fish before market. The objective is to create the least amount of panic. Fish under stress or struggling will release bitter flavors – adrenaline, lactic-acid buildup and cortisol spikes in the blood., making their way into the flesh. Easing the fish into an ice slurry bath helps calm and sedate the fish whilst avoiding any of the bitter flavors as mentioned.

Lastly, the farm offers daily morning harvest starting at 6 am. Large ice baths are prepared and the fish are shuttled directly from the farm to the processor be cleaned and/or filleted as closely as possible to the date of your order for Farm-to-table freshness and superior taste.

Try the Farm’s current offering of fresh Grouper, Red Snapper and Barramundi.

The 3000 square meter offshore farm, located off Pasir Ris Coast, is the first known Aquaculture 4.0 floating closed containment fish farm using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). It creates a controlled environment through a multi-level water treatment process. In addition, the farm integrates a high degree of automation, self-regulated control cycles and artificial intelligence within a Farm Management Information System to achieve a productive and environmentally friendly operation.

SAT has been using closed containment systems since 2012. This means the water where fish are kept are separated from sea water, allowing the farm to have more control of environmental factors that may harm the fish, such as pathogens, algae blooms, oil spills and effects of climate change.

Technology features and benefits

Automated systems enable the same amount of manpower to run five farms and increased productivity
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MindSphere App provides cloud connectivity, data analytics and live dashboards for optimizing operations
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Sensors ensure water quality & oxygen level creating a stress-free environment for optimized fish growth
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Secure cybersecurity infrastructure incorporating Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity solution (KICS) for Nodes
Kaspersky has partnered with Siemens and Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT) to enable secure work of IT systems in the first smart floating fishing farm in Singapore.

Video Analytics with Machine Learning algorithm calculates bio-mass and hunger level to optimize feeding
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Camera vision detects skin anomaly and unusual swimming behavior to prevent outbreak of diseases
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Trusted traceability throughout the entire value chain using Blockchain
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Developed with support from SFA’s Agriculture Productivity Fund, the Smart Floating Fish Farm, together with the existing floating steel-structure fish farm, can produce up to 350 metric tons of fish when it is operating at full capacity in 2021.

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