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Double Protein Power – Milk and Eggs

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Double Protein Power – MILK DOES A MUSCLE GOOD -Cow milk can easily rank among the top muscle-building foods. This is based not only on the density and types of protein they deliver, but also the other muscle-supporting nutrients they contain.

  • Vitamin B12: This essential vitamin is only found in foods of animal origin, and milk is very high in B12.
  • Calcium: Milk is not only one of the best dietary sources of calcium, but the calcium found in milk is also easily absorbed.
  • Riboflavin: One of the B-vitamins, also called vitamin B2. Dairy products are the biggest source of riboflavin in the Western diet .
  • Phosphorus: Dairy products are a good source of phosphorus, a mineral that plays an essential role in many biological processes.

On the negative side, some people are allergic to milk proteins or intolerant to milk sugar (lactose).
It has also been linked with increased risk for prostate cancer, but the evidence is weak.
At the end of the day, moderate consumption of milk may be healthy, while excessive consumption should be avoided.
It is no coincidence that nutritionists and health experts start the day with milk and eggs.
This is a protein-packed breakfast, it’s also a satisfying one; both milk proteins and eggs have been shown to promote satiety, or feelings of fullness. This translates to less hunger, and fewer wasteful calories consumed over the course of the day.
Eggs are essential when it comes to building muscle and supporting a leaner body. Egg whites alone contain at least 40 different proteins, including ovalbumin, conalbumin, ovomucoid, avidin, flavoprotein-apoprotein, “proteinase inhibitor,” ovomucin, and globulins.
Avoid the egg yolk? Not really. Egg yolks contain crucial vitamins including biotin, folate, choline, riboflavin and vitamins B6 and B12, as well as key muscle-supporting minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Plus, many of the longstanding notions that egg yolks increase LDL and total cholesterol have been rethought over the past decade.
Did you know that Singapore does not allow for free-range chickens’ eggs to enter the country?
The next best option are non-caged, free-roaming barn eggs.
We have chosen the Eco Egg farm known in New Zealand for being the first farm to spearhead the concept of promoting animal welfare for their “chucks”. As stated by the farm’s owner, they are, “firmly committed to the environment, the welfare of animals, and the production of healthy and nutritious farm fresh foods free of artificial supplements. “
Their hens are allowed to roam freely in a barn where they are allowed to spread their wings, peck, perch and socialise creating a stress-free environment.
The farm is audited every year for quality insurance and awarded Madallion Marks.
New Zealand is considered as one of the best places to nurture chickens and lay eggs. New Zealand has ensured high bio security by keeping their indigenous birds protected from other species via import barriers. Not even eggs from other species are allowed to enter NZ. It helps that the country’s temperature is temperate and sunny allowing for year long farming. A perfect “chuck” country and lower carbon footprint for Singapore.
We chose Holland Organic over other competitors due to many important factors. Let’s start by its lower carbon footprint and superior taste. The cows graze on organic pastures free from pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. They feed on wild grass, clover and meadow herbs which create Holland Organics superb taste. The farm has become Holland’s largest organic milk farm committed to the wellbeing of their cows and promote sustainable farming practices. Feel free to view the farm via a video cam and spy on the cows grazing. video

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