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Diced and Stir-Fried Blackwood Valley Farm Organic

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Blackwood valley farm is located in the fertile pastures of the undulating valley in the South West of W.A.

The farm’s cattle are free roaming and exclusively grass fed. The farm is managed holistically employing planned grazing methods which promotes ground cover year round, encouraging environmental sustainability. The farm is also certified organic by Australian Certified Organic, ensuring that the pastures are grown as naturally as possible and completely free of any chemical inputs.
The cattle are hand selected, raised and finished in a grass-fed, low stress natural herd environment, free of any artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. The farmer emphasizes, “This guarantees and enhances the quality of our beef.”

It’s unanimous, our Fresh Certified Organic Australian Beef from Blackwood Valley Farm is ordered more often than our Grass-fed Angus steaks.

Therefore, we’ve decided to offer Diced and Stir-Fry Beef options from this farm.
Both cuts are made from the chuck or under blade steak. It is flavorful and more tender than other chuck parts; perfect for pot roasts, stews, braising and casseroles.

Stir-frying is also made easier, since the beef strips are tender without having to purchase tenderloin beef. Check out these recipes below. Click here to order or see other beef options.

Recipes Chuck Stew and Stir-Fry

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