Russus Kamara Red, 2018


Intense ruby–red colour with purple highlights. In the nose, the fruit expression is impressive with berries….

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Reimagining Wines is the motto of the winery.  This is the story of Kioutsoukis family (Dimitrios, Eleftheria and their children). Dimitrios Kioutsoukis with his family assistance and inspiration planted 11 hectars of vines (mainly Greek grape varieties: Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Roditis, Xinomavro) in northern Greece near Thessaloniki, an area well known from ancient times for its wines.
Dimitrios (chemical engineer- UC Davis winemaking) and his daughter Stavroula ( agronomist- oenologist) carrying on the family tradition and passionate about permaculture principles use more than organic methods in viticulture and winemaking. Their main goal is to give birth to wines versatile, unique that express both their philosophy and the terroir.
Seeking the real taste of life they created the Kamara pure wines, low intervention wines (natural wines).
All Kamara pure wines are naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts, have no oenological substances added and they are bottled without filtration and no added sulfites

Label: Nimbus Russus

Origin: North Greece

Appellation: PGI Thessaloniki

Region: Slopes of Kamara, Oraiokastro Thessaloniki

Variety: Xinomavro-Merlot-Limnio(40-20-40% blend)

History of the label: This label pictures the view of our vineyard from the balcony of our winery during a hot summer afternoon when sun begins to set. Its name means red cloud following our Nimbus series concept. This label, as all of our labels, is painted by Stavroula’s hands.

Tasting notes:

Intense ruby–red colour with purple highlights. In the nose, the fruit expression is impressive with berries, dogwoods, plums and liquorice combined with notes of eucalyptus, black olives and intense black pepper. In the mouth the impressive spicy taste of black and green pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg are complemented by earthy notes of fresh soil, and hints of dark chocolate. Velvety rounded tannins due to the 12 months ageing in old oak barrels.

Vineyard notes:

Variety Rootstock Hectare/planted Soil Orientation Altitude
Merlot Richter110 0,7ha/2008 Clay-sand Eastern 140m above sea level
Limnio Richter110 0,6ha/2010 Sandy Clay Loam Eastern 140m above sea level
Xinomavro Richter110 1,6ha/2008 Clay Sand schist Eastern 140m above sea level

Winemaking report:

Separate vinification of Xinomavro, Merlot and Limnio. The grapes are half destemed and half full bunches.  Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts for 25 days(temperature of the fermentation is 25-30 degrees Celsius), no oenological substances added. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. The produced wines are mixed and aged for 12 months in old barrels. Battonage sur lie for 3 months. No protein stabilization, no fining, no filtration, only tartaric stabilization during the cold days of winter. No sulfites added.

Aging potential:

Aging potential up to 10 years. The wine is bottled with a natural cork closure, in order to ensure a unique aging capacity. Ideal serving temperature between 16-18ο C.

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Russus Kamara Red, 2018
Purchase this product now and earn 1 point per $10 purchase!
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