Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng LoHei Kit


Yu Sheng LoHei is not only a delicious dish but also a joyful and interactive way to usher in prosperity and good fortune for the upcoming year.

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Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng LoHei Kit /pack 330g

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Yu Sheng Lo Hei, commonly known as LoHei, is a traditional Chinese New Year dish that is popular in Singapore and Malaysia. The name “Yu Sheng” translates to “raw fish” in Chinese. This dish is also known as the Prosperity Toss, and it is typically served during the Lunar New Year celebration.

The loud, joyous, and colourful tradition of LoHei, or the tossing of raw fish salad, is a boisterous Chinese New Year highlight in Singapore. Every ingredient has a symbolic, auspicious phrase to be exclaimed as it is added to the salad, and diners often toss the salad as high as possible into the air to welcome greater abundance and prosperity.

1. Prepare 500-700g of organic fresh produce.
Suggested organic fresh produce:
Organic Pea Sprouts (1/2 pkt-50g)
Organic Carrot, julienned (1 medium-50G)
Organic Beetroot, julienned (1 small-100g)
Organic Dragon Fruit, julienned (1/4 fruit-120g)
Organic Japanese, julienned (1 cup-120g)
Organic Purple cabbage (1 cup-120g)

2. Plate the pickles, shredded organic fresh produce and beetroot noodles crunch.
3. Crush the beetroot noodles crunch by pressing it lightly.
4. Top the Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits and Pumpkin & Spinach Bo Cui.
5. Drizzle the Yu Sheng sauce.
6. Toss the Yu Sheng while calling out auspicious sayings to bring good luck and wealth!

Ingredients: Yu Sheng Sauce Apple cider vinegar*, cane sugar*, seasoning powder* (Himalayan rock salt, cane sugar*, onion powder , yeast extract*, garlic powder, corn starch*), lemon juice, Chinese 5 spice powder*), Organic Handmade Beetroot Noodles Crunch (High protein unbleached plain flour* (gluten), beetroot puree* , pure sea salt and wheat starch*, palm oil), Mixed Nuts and Fruits (Roasted almond (nut), raisin*, whole dried cranberry, roasted hulled white sesame* , roasted sunflower seed kernel*, roasted pumpkin seed*, goji berry*), Pumpkin & Spinach Bo Cui High protein unbleached plain flour* (gluten), pumpkin puree / spinach puree*, pure sea salt, wheat starch (gluten), palm oil), Organic Carrot & Ginger Pickles (Carrot / ginger*, cane sugar*, apple cider vinegar* *, Himalayan rock salt)

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Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng LoHei Kit
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