Delivered fresh every day, each Croissant comes in small-batches…

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Delivered fresh every day, each Croissant comes in small-batches, hand-crafted and baked fresh. Only naturally leavened organic sourdough is used, free from any chemicals. Focusing on sourdough baking with our efforts and expertise instead of using commercial yeast. Producing bread and pastries that are simply decadent, yet authentic and classic in taste by using Traditional European baking concept.

Croissant is made with wholesome ingredients such as Wheat flour, salt, sugar, butter,. Milk, egg, milk powder, fresh yeast, water, sourdough

Weight: 3 x 80g / packet

Storage Instruction: Keep for 2 days at ambient temperature after baked


We have worked together with the German farmers and Great Flour Mill in Hildeheim Hasede near Hanover which produces high quality gains and non-GMO wheat.


Safety is also heavily emphasised in produced goods and procedure. We sourced wheat from Hildesheim Börde, the best region in Germany when it comes to wheat production as it has an extremely fertile loess soil. All wheat and grains used are unbleached, contain no additives and non-GMO farming. It is also subject to strict laboratory specification testing to ensure that the safety guidelines are adhered to.


Wheat flour and selected healthy baked goods are endorsed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board for Healthy Choice Symbol Whole Grain Product. We focus more on grain baked products. We are also a trusted member of the US Whole Grain Council in Boston, United States of America.


We specialise in traditional baking techniques with our cultured sourdough and stone steam oven. Most of our baked goods are produced using these techniques as we believed in the appeal and reputation of long-standing baking techniques.

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