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500g – Blast frozen, Canadian Scallops, hand shucked…

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500g – Canadian Scallops hand shucked, size graded, wet packaged, and snap-frozen to maintain flavor and nutrients.

Canadian Scallops are a type of shellfish eaten all over the world.

They live in saltwater environments and are caught in fisheries off the coasts of numerous countries.

The so-called adductor muscles inside their colorful shells are edible and sold as seafood. When prepared correctly, they have a slightly sweet taste and a tender, buttery texture.

Scallops are highly nutritious and may have impressive health benefits. However, people are often concerned about possible allergic reactions and the accumulation of heavy metals.

This article takes a detailed look at both the health benefits and possible dangers of eating scallops.

How To Thaw:
Place the desired amount of scallops in clean cold water for 20 mins
Remove scallops from water and allow to drain for 10 mins

Cooking Tips: High heat to caramelize the exterior before the interior has a chance to overcook. Preserve its’ creamy texture and tenderness by cooking medium rare. About two to three mins per side with butter and vegetable oil.  Do not overcrowd the pan. Flat side down. Smells distinctly of the sea. Browned more deeply, give the dark brown, cracked crust you will favor for.


Keep Frozen until consumption

Scallops promote Cardiovascular Health, click here.

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Canadian ScallopsCanadian Scallops

Availability: In stock

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