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Almond Butter made with only Certified Organic Almonds and…

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180g/jar Almond Butter Organic Food – Pure organic Almond Butter from Certified Organic Almonds and a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Homemade from scratch in our Singapore Bakery fresh every week.

They are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are the type of fats that reduce levels of cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They are a great source of protein, fibers and healthy fats, while having low amounts of sugar. They also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Almonds can even help control levels of blood sugar in your body by reducing the sudden increase in blood sugar and insulin which usually happens after you eat a carbohydrate-packed meal. This makes it an ideal part of the meal if you are suffering from diabetes,  etc.

Is Almond Butter Healthy?

When consumed as part of a balanced diet, almond butter can benefit a person of any age. First of all, it’s made from almonds, so it boasts significant doses of healthy fats, protein, slow-digesting carbs and fiber. According to a 2018 review published in the journal Nutrients, these nuts not only lower bad cholesterol but also maintain good cholesterol levels and protect against cardiovascular problems. Heart disease sufferers who added 10 grams of almonds to their daily meals experienced a major reduction in triglyceride levels in as little as six weeks.

Almonds are good for your brain too. A 2016 study featured in the journal Brain Research Bulletin found that rats fed with almonds had a better memory and lower rates of cognitive dysfunction and neurodegenerative diseases. These crunchy nuts are particularly beneficial for the elderly, keeping their brains sharp and protecting against age-related disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If you have diabetes, consider swapping your go-to snacks for almond butter. A 2017 study published in Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders found that these nuts improve glycemic control and blood lipids in just six months. Researchers attribute these findings to the high amounts of protein, fiber, vitamin E, potassium and healthy fats in almonds.

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Almond Butter OrganicAlmond Butter Organic
Purchase this product now and earn 1 point per $10 purchase!
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